Basil & Parmesan Stuffed Lamb Leg

Hosting for a large group of people and need something easy that will guarantee success? This lamb leg dish is extremely easy to make and feeds a lot of people. It is great for large parties, especially because it only dirties one skillet and it cooks mostly in the oven. So all you do have to do is seal the juices in and wait for that internal temperature to rise to where you want it.

Here is a step by step guide on how to make this lamb leg, with detailed images explaining the process. It really is novice proof.




Lay the lamb leg flat on it’s fat so the meat side faces up and place the basil leaves next to each other covering the center of the meat. Then lay the mint on the basil the same way and add the shredded Parmesan on top. Roll the meat and wrap it.
Mix the salt, celery seeds, paprika, turmeric and coriander in a bowl and apply as a rub on the lamb leg already wrapped. As an option you can poke wholes in the lamb and insert Rosemary in those wholes.

Pre-heat a large oven-safe skillet to medium high heat and the oven to 350°f. Once the skillet has reached medium high temperature add 2 tablespoons of olive oil and place the lamb leg in. Add the three celery stems, thyme, Rosemary and butter to the pan and let it cook for a few minutes until the lamb leg starts to get some color. Flip it around every few minutes to seal it all around.

When sealed all around place the lamb leg in the oven and cook until desired internal temperature. We did 130°f (took about 25 minutes) and then we let it rest for 8 minutes before cutting it.



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