Confit Wild Mushrooms

This recipe is incredibly easy to make. And even though it takes a long time to prepare, the results are so amazing that every minute is worth the wait.

Confit used to be a way to preserve food. So the neat thing about this recipe is that it will preserve the mushrooms as well as make them absolutely delicious. As long as you store the mushrooms in the same oil you cooked them in, they will last weeks in the fridge.

FYI – If you have vegetables in the fridge that are going old, you can apply this recipe to preserve them. They will also taste delicious!

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Sous Vide Lobster with Garlic & Oregano

One of my favorite techniques when cooking lobster is to poach it in butter. What can I say… It’s deliciously smooth and well balanced. Just the perfect combination of flavors — butter and lobster. I mean, what else do you want?!

OK. So this recipe is not exactly butter poached lobster but it gets pretty darn close!

Poaching a lobster is an extremely difficult technique to master. This is the closest you will get to a perfectly poached lobster, every single time!

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