Ham and Cheese Sandwich

This sandwich is delicious, light and made in 15 minutes! These type of meals can really save the day some times. That’s why it is important to keepĀ your fridgeĀ and pantry stocked with certain ingredientsĀ that areĀ pretty reasonable in price, but like I said, will save the day when you don’t seem to have anything to cook.

Always use fresh ingredientsĀ for the best possible result!
– Every foodie out there



Preheat oven to 350Ā°f. Spread butter on both ends of the ciabatta bread. Add the ham and then the cheese to one side and bake until cheese melts down and bread is toasty (10 minutes tops).

In the meantime, mix theĀ lettuce, cilantro, tomatoes and green onions in a bowl with your favorite #vinaigrette. When the sandwich is ready place the salad on top of the cheese and close the sandwich. Enjoy!



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