Basil & Parmesan Stuffed Lamb Leg

By mario | August 25, 2016
Hosting for a large group of people and need something easy that will guarantee success? This lamb leg dish is extremely easy to make and feeds a lot of people....
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Lamb and beef sliders

By mario | May 20, 2016
This is how we do sliders in Sangreea! #lamb and #beef on top of a grilled #pineapple slice, topped with a fried #quailegg and fresh #rosemary.   #Sangreea
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Grilling a Rack of Lamb, What you up to?

By mario | May 13, 2016
This is by far, my favorite meat to grill! -Mario Vallejo
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Sangreea Ep. 1 – Good Wine Good Food Good Friends

By mario | May 27, 2015
Visit our website for more: Follow us on Instagram: Good Wine, Good Food, Good Friends is what Sangreea is all about! Sangreea is a food blog –
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